We are excited about our newest addition to the Whiskey Barrel Coffee line of products: Whiskey Barrel Coffee Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans.

Our famous Whiskey Barrel Coffee beans are now available coated in carefully selected high-quality chocolate, with all the flavor of our Whiskey Barrel Coffee and so much more!

True to our passion, these delicacies are crafted using old school techniques, so each individual coated bean is unique in shape and size. As with our Whiskey Barrel Coffee, each bottle is filled, labeled and sealed by hand.


The Taste of Whiskey and Coffee… They Just Go Together

Imbibe Magazine:

"Espresso Smith Whiskey Barrel Coffee - Packaged not in a bag but in a wax sealed whiskey bottle, this blended coffee commands attention with a bold, dark character layered with cacao, charred oak, mesquite honey and clear-as-day, whiskey notes. It's sweet, rich and boozy in the cup.”

Just one sip of Whiskey Barrel Coffee and you can taste the captivating full flavor of aged bourbon whiskey and the subtle richness of coffee. Artisan inspired, Whiskey Barrel Coffee was created from our founder’s interest in smooth, smoky, bourbon whiskey and passion for fine coffee.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee began as an individual passion and has grown into a company-wide obsession.

Two years of experimenting and batch testing has allowed us to perfect the melding process. By combining the two essences together, we make an unparalleled, complex pairing – with the authentic flavor of bourbon, which compliments our full-bodied coffee. Our skillful process of aging the green coffee beans in authentic bourbon barrels allows us to create a unique and innovative coffee designed to expand your coffee drinking experience.

True to our craft, we roast Whiskey Barrel Coffee in small batches, in our vintage European air roaster, utilizing old school techniques at our Colorado facility.

Our Whiskey Barrel Coffee bottles are individually hand dipped in wax to seal in the extraordinary flavor. Each bottle is then labeled with the batch and bottle numbers hand written on the label.

We believe Whiskey Barrel Coffee is a truly unique product and a coffee experience like no other, enjoy!

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